Nov. 29th 2013

“Mad June is an indie pop/rock band from Montreal, Quebec and consists of six extremely hot ladies: Vanessa McLean on vocals, Pascale St-Onge on bass and backup vocals, Lydia Champagne on drums, Jessica Pion, and Tania Dasrochers on guitar and backup vocals, and Jennifer Kruidbos on keys. BREATHE. As gorgeous as they are, they possess an incredible talent that I admire.”

July 8th 2013

“There are few bands that can combine bubbly pop-rock sound, glitter, edgy style, dark or political themes and a healthy dose of feminism so impeccably. Montreal’s Mad June thrives on this total clash of contrasting elements. The results are especially apparent in their live performances, where their infectious songs drive the audience to let go of all inhibitions and join in on their fun.”

April 11th, 2013

“From sweet and sultry to sexy and sassy, it was onto the Garrison on Queen West to check out Montreal’s Mad June. This six piece all female band is all rock, and pulls their visual and aural style from girl groups across time. Watching singer Vanessa McLean and company do their thing on stage, you can’t help but think of the Runaways in the seventies, The Bangles in the eighties, Luscious Jackson in the nineties and even the Donnas in recent years. While all of these female formed groups may have lent their influence to Mad June, the sexy sextet have created a sound all their own, and a presence and energy that was impossible to resist. Passionate and upbeat vocals, incredibly hooky guitar riffs (courtesy of guitarists Jessica Pion and Tania Desrocher) gives Mad June an inarguably rock sound, but with pop appeal that everyone and anyone is sure to love.” [More…]

April, 2013

“Mad June followed, and they are a band that plays pop punk with some really great choruses that just scream to be sung along with. They are a six-piece that has two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and vocalist. Everyone in the band other than the lead vocalist sang backup vocals. The vocal leads were expertly sung, while the guitars supplied the right amount of grit. The bass and drums were locked in step to create a stellar groove, while the keyboards added a lush dimension of sound to the rock n’ roll grime. The front-lady gets a few extra points from me for the fact that she made the attempt to cross the performer/audience barrier by jumping off the stage and rocking out with the crowd while she sang. It’s always a good move to make, in my opinion.” [More…]

Mad June played their single November on Musique Plus tv show Top Musique
October 16th 2012


Toronto Music Scene, by Myles Herold – Indie Week Report Card: Mad June @ Cherry Cola’s 80%
October 12th 2012

“You couldn’t help but think The Runaways when watching Mad June. Six girls spread across Cherry Cola’s tiny stage – two guitars, drums, bass, keys and singer. ‘Woo, woo’ harmonies and in-unison clapping were on hand, too. Together it concocted a rollicking dose of sound – not always coherent – but an abundance of girl power heroics, nonetheless. Tedium never tapered their air of energy, with every member firmly set in place, solidly delivering in every respect. (…)” [More…]

T-MAK World, by Michael Litt – Indie Music Week – Toronto Friday October 12th 2012
October 20th 2012

“Mad June is a rock band from Montreal that rocked Cherry Cola on Friday and showed that girls can rock as good as the boys and they should be given credit as a great indie band not a great “girl” band. While their sound has a distinctive flavor of Ramones, they should appeal to fans of both post punk (Ramones, Smiths, Clash and so on) but also modern pop rock bands such as Florence and the Machine, The Killers, to fellow Montrealers Arcade Fire. With very distinctive vocals from Vanessa McLean and two guitarists who played riffs that would make Johnny Marr (The Smiths) proud they have a unique and refreshing sound. Mad June was the winner of Friday’s Girls Rock competition at Cherry Cola which garnered them an invitation to play at the El Mocambo on Saturday night. (…)” [More…]

Spill, by Curtis Sindrey – Mad June: Not Another Girl Band
September 2011

“I know bands say that all the time but I’ve been in other bands where the ultimate goal was success, but this band’s goal is to simply play music and write songs that we love,” said Vanessa McLean, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Mad June. (…)” [More…]

The, by Rosel. – Don’t Call Them A Girl Band: Montreal’s Mad About Mad June
July 5th 2011

“Surprisingly, the question that threw off the Montreal band Mad June’s vocalist and guitarist Vanessa McLean the most was naming her favourite lesbian in pop culture, when I met her and the bassist Pascale St-Onge for a chat.

“Oh, I have no idea. I’ve never really thought about it,” she says. After much hesitating, the question leads to an interesting discussion on (…)” [More…]

MTV’s, by Kate B. – The Most Important Meal
August 23rd, 2010

“A band can spring forth from any number of scenarios—a successful one-off collaboration, approaching a musician after a gig, just goofing off with some friends … the smell of toast. So goes the genesis story of Mad June, a band of four women from Montreal who decided to form a band over breakfast. Leaving sunshine and comfort in the kitchen, the band’s songcraft revolves around brooding, stylized rock. On “Here Again,” slinky basslines, rolling drums and the low gulp of guitar create a tempest of confusion and doubt. The sinister “Polaroid” tackles the media’s skewed perception of beauty with urgent, angular pangs—a moody little rocker redolent of Blonde Redhead. If you need a break from the brooding, skip to “24”—an up-tempo, coursing number about love gone awry—or “The Stranger Ones,” where the band puts a Benatar-esque spin on youth in revolt. Just make sure you give “November” a listen. Manic and playful with a catchy chorus that turns a nice Figure 8—that song alone makes you wish more people would eat toast together.” [More…] – Featured USA4real Artist: “Mad June in April”, by Luke Wryder
April 2010

“Mad June makes its move toward the top. Vanessa McLean sings with a very soulful melodic style above a steady groove provided by Pascale St-Onge on bass, making this a very pop possibility to be a hit. “We’re Not Strangers,” Mad June’s first EP, is packed with several solid jams that have great potential that are easy on the ears and good for the soul.” [More…] – Segarini Coughs Up Another Column
March 20th, 2010

“Mad June – Thicker: I first met and heard these young Montreal women at the Velvet Underground during last year’s Indie Week. I was impressed by the lead singer’s Chrissie Hynde-like delivery only fueled by passion more than ‘cool. Threading my way through the crowd to get a better look, I soon discovered the whole band was Estrogen enabled. It was a bit of a shock because the playing was authorative and energetic and driven by a drummer who, on some of the tunes, manages to remind of Keith Moon at his manic best. I’ve been waiting for the CD ever since and it finally came in the mail this week. Real life Energizer Bunnies. Enjoy…and see them when you get the chance..” [More…]

Wildy’s World – Review: Mad June – We’re Not Strangers
February 11, 2010

“Montreal’s Mad June is an all-female quartet who knows how to rock. Cranking up the amps to eleven, Mad June also know a thing or two about nuance and composition, as you’ll note on Mad June’s debut album, We’re Not Strangers. Mad June have spent the last few years gigging regularly and honing their sound; it’s time for them to step out and be more than just a Montreal Band. We’re Not Strangers might just be the project to take them there.” [More…]
December 1, 2009

“Montreal four-piece Mad June released their We’re Not Strangers debut on Nov. 21, and “The Stranger Ones” appears on that record. It’s Bloc Party-esque bouncy indie rock (think the stuff on Silent Alarm, not Intimacy) by way of Canada’s second most-populous city.” [More…] – Don’t Believe A Word I Say with – Bob Segarini
October 9, 2009

“… I was fortunate to catch an amazing hard rock quartet from Montreal called Mad June, four of the most talented female players I have ever heard, and right up there with the best of the best, local guitarist Donna Grantis. Mad June’s CD drops next month, and I can hardly wait…and their drummer is mighty! …” [More…]